Why making a Will is not Enough?

We all know the importance of making a Will yet only about a third of us get around to making even basic provisions for our loved ones.

Drafting simple mirror Wills fails to provide any flexibility for a change of circumstances in the future and can lead to a significant loss of assets.

Regardless of what your Will says, if you are no longer able to live independently in the future, your estate could end up in the hands of someone other than your chosen beneficiaries.


Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax is paid at 40% on assets passed at death to anyone other than a spouse, civil partner or charity in excess of the current nil rate band. Without careful planning the same assets can be taxed several times.

We can help you avoid Inheritance Tax, however complex and have a range of strategies.


Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Very useful for those with none or very little business assets and also for owners of multiple properties. This involves gifting and the Potentially Exempt Transfer.



Still effective but more limited due to recent changes to a lifetime nil rate band and a death nil rate band.

Protection from excluded beneficiaries

    If you have someone you would like to exclude from receiving a share of your estate who could make a claim the use of a trust could avoid the potential costs of a court and loss of estate.

Protection from business failure

    If you wish to protect your personal assets from business failure, bankcruptcy or unforeseen debts a trust can provide a barrier.

Protection from Care fees

    Most people think that it is unfair that you can work all your life to build up an estate and then have it taken from you in the last few years of your life.